Sheikh Salem Harelimana urged Rwandans to avoid unnecessary hand shaking habbit for them to be clean and go away with diseases such as Ebola epidemics.

While speaking to the congregation of the Moslem community at Centre Culturel Islamique Nyamirambo, on Sunday who were celebrating Eid-el-Adhha, Harelimana, urged them to abandon body-to-body greeting’s in response to Ebola alert in the neighboring country of DRC.

Harelimana whose speech focused on the prevention of the Ebola said “The prophet of Allah told moslem that they should stay away with a place where there is epidemic. And you all know that Ebola is a deadly disease,”

Citing the advice of medical experts, said, greetings might increase the risk of Ebola virus due to contacts with an infected person.

He further advised them that whoever is experiencing high temperature in his body and other Ebola symptoms should seek immediate medical checkup.

He also urged moslem community to share with the unprivileged and the poor and offer sacrifices during the season.

El-el-Adhha or festival of the Sacrifice, is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year to honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command.

The Express News


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