In the next few Months, the UN peacekeeping force is expected to conduct systematic offensive raids against the notorious Ugandan rebels ADF linked to ISIS an international terrorist organization.

“I think MONUSCO can do it. And I would say even more, I think Monusco has to do it!” Antonio Guterres the UN Secretary General has issued the directive.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has since 1996 been terrorizing Congolese with regular cross border raids into Uganda.

Guterres on Monday also promised that the UN would strengthen its capacity for action against the rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the east of the country.

“ADF is in my opinion today a network that starts in Libya, which goes to the Sahel, which goes to the region of Lake Chad, which is present in Mozambique. So we have to look seriously at the threat of terrorism at the continental level, and we must understand that support for stability, strengthening the democratic institutions of DRC,” he said.

The UN Secretary General has also secured cooperation and assurance from President Felix Tshisekedi that operations of MONUSCO won’t be hindered like it was during the Joseph Kabila regime.

According to Guterres, the Tshisekedi government presents a new window of hope, “there is a radical change in the relationship between the Congolese government and Monusco.”

With this assurance from President Tshisekedi, Guterres says the UN needs to start perfecting what they do, by being more effective, and in the field of security and in the field of support for all democratic institutions in the DRC.

The Kabila government had called for Monusco to fold and leave the DRC territory- this stabilization force has been utilizing a mega budget of almost $1.2billion but the results are very disastrous. Some critics want this budget cut down.

However, Guterres says folding up Monusco immediately is a dangerous choice.

“This would be suicide in my opinion and for the DRCongo and for the international community and its image in the region. I am very much in favor of the position that says we do not have conditions to stop Monusco immediately.”

He explained there is a strategic review underway. And will have to see with the DRC a common strategy that can allow appropriate time, this mission can normally be replaced by the normal relationship between the United Nations and a State, with a team of countries that cooperates with the government.

For the moment, Guterres thinks, “we need to strategically review the mission and make an adjustment to make it more effective. It’s not a question of the number of soldiers; it’s a matter of strategy, of tactics. It is necessary to reinforce the activity of the Intervention Brigade in particular, but also of strength vis-à-vis the ADF. And we must also strengthen cooperation mechanisms with the Armed Forces of the DRC.”

MONUSCO has previously conducted joint operations with the DRC army but flushing out the ADF has been a complicated mission.

“In my opinion, it would be desirable to have more joint operations and to reap the benefits of pooling the complementary capabilities that institutions have,” He said.

In March 2013, the UN Security Council authorised formation the United Nations Force Intervention Brigade.

The Express News


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