Mgr. Bimenyimana Jean Damascène, who served many years as the Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese, in south-west of Rwanda has succumbed to Leukemia; disease that he had for a long time; He dies aged 69.

The news of Mgr Bimenyimana’s death were reported on this sunday, 11th march 2018.

He died in a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya; where he had been for a month’s duration, in a coma.

He was ordained as a priest on July 6, 1980; was incardinated in Cyangugu Diocese on Nov 5, 1981. He was appointed to the sacerdotal class in Nyundo Parish; and was and ordained as Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese on January 18, 1997 and was made an episcopal priest on March 16, 1997.

His Motto was “In Humilitate Et Caritate” meaning “ In Humility and charity.”

Mgr Bimenyimana passed 37 years and 6 months as a sarcedotal priest and 20 years and 9 months as an episcopal priest in Cyangugu Diocese.

Bishop Bimenyimana was born on June 22, 1953; in Bumazi, Cyangugu.src ;igihe

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