Have you ever been worried of innovative ways that you can bring in your business enterprises to respond your customer’s demand as well as to make more profit in your day-to-day business? Bankable Business Solution (Rwanda) Ltd is there for you; worry No more.

The Express News Rwanda’s Mike Urinzwenimana caught up with Kelechi R Anyanwu, the executive chairman of Bankable Business Solution (Rwanda) Ltd who is also an entrepreneur with vast experience in Business Management to give you insight on their activities.


Bankable for us stands for resourcefulness and what we do is to create resourceful ideas or solution to meet our clients need.
Bankable Business Solution (BBS) Limited is a management consulting company registered under the Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Our passion lies in developing and implementing innovative ways of adding value to business enterprises, bearing in mind the emerging demand for every organization and their desire to meeting those demand satisfactorily.

We design solutions to meet both manufacturers and consumers needs. With much focus on globalization, we pay particular attention to building solutions that change the narratives of facilitating inter-trade relations of various commodities and also creating a conducive marketplace and a synergy between organisations and their target audience.

In what aspect do you thing Bankable differs from the rivals

BBS Ltd provides management consultancy services primarily through analysing existing organizational problems and developing plans (such as change management, coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, products advancement. customer service etc) for improved performance and optimize the organisations revenue stream/ increased productivity and profitability. Our company is made up of seasoned team players that exhibit high level of expertise in their various fields, working tirelessly and selflessly to meet and exceed clients need.

Why did you prefer to invest in Rwanda?

Africa is home for us; be it East, West, North or south. What is important is that we are adding significant value to African business community. .

What do you expect from Rwandans as your target audience?

We discovered few deficit in the way of doing business here, we hope to collaborate with organisation and government agencies to be able to change the narrative and inject some sense of urgency and improve customer relationship standard.

I must commend the president Paul Kagame and his team for working tirelessly in repositioning Rwanda to a world class city. Iit is a collective responsibility that we all become brand ambassadors to this great nation.It is overwhelming that am not been treated as a foreigner but as a guest . I feel so much at home here in Rwanda.

Are you open to partnering with indigenous companies?

Oh yes . Both companies here and outside Rwanda .like I said before we are open to collaboration . Working together to achieve great purpose in this wind of change.

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