Over 2400 members of RPF Inkotanyi have gathered at Intare Conference Arena in Rusororo for the party Congress Members attending are from around the country and the Diaspora.

The 17th Congress embarked on national development.

Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi Paul Kagame urged participants to this congress to fight against the dishonest behaviour .

“No RPF Member should shy away from fighting wrongdoing. If you see something done the way it shouldn’t be, fight it fearlessly. Never get tired of fighting against what is done wrong.” Kagme said.

He explained the rationale of the meeting as: “A meeting like this is not for us to just come here and talk endlessly, praise ourselves without telling each other the truth about what is happening around us,”

“Our security and stability results from the fact that our development numbers reflect reality of our people’s day-to-day live. Our citizens should have something in their pockets and be able to put food on their table,” Kagame said.

“In some places, calculating GDP per capita attributes wealth to people still living in object poverty. These numbers end up being inaccurate. We want our numbers to reflect the reality,” He added.

“When we say that our economy has been growing, we should ask ourselves questions like; do more people now have clean water? Do they have electricity? Do citizens have access to banking services, bank loans at good rates?
“When we talk about development, we should give meaning to these numbers we keep talking about. When we say 12% growth, they are not just numbers, they reflect people and how their lives are being affected.”

He warned them to not fear the opinion of thieves, giving them a good example of how people sacrificed their lives for the Country.

“What are you fearing” what is fear? People sacrificed their lives for this country and you are talking about fearing the opinion of thieves? People made far greater sacrifices for us to be here, including the most precious one, losing their own life.” Kagame said.

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