Me Bukuru Ntwali, a Legal expert and chairperson of a peace and justice led organization in Southern Kivu testified that he saw the bodies of Abanyamulenge on the hills of Minembwe where he was this week.

During the Interview with Royal FM on November 8, 2019, he said that the militia have stolen over 100 cows in some areas around Minembwe
“I have seen with my eyes the genocide that is being perpetrated against abanyamulenge, even on this Friday November, cows were stolen by MAIMAI, the militia of RED Tabara, FOREBU and FNL in Gakenke. I was also informed that some young Abanyamlenge tried to fight the militia.”

Me Bukuru Ntwali interview with Umuryango Media

Me Bukuru added that some banyamulenge who took a hide in forests lack food and they are exposed to humidity as the temperature sometimes is zero (0).
He said that all entities must stand up for to save abanyamulenge.

“We request a help of the media, we request a help of MONUSCO, CPGL, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC, we request the AFRICAN Union to help us, we request that our people who are experiencing such a hard life can get food and medicines.” Bukuru said.
Recently, MP Moise Nyarugabo from Minembwe told journalists at Kinshasa that abanyamulenge are in dilemma and requested the government to take urgent action.

Recent statistics broadcasted by BBC state that over 100,000 who took refuge include a big number of abanyamulenge, abafulebo, Ababembe, and Abanyindu.
This week, People made revolution to call for safety of abanyamulenge.
Different entities affirm that a killing is called genocide after
He said that a killing to be called Genocide is confirmed by different responsible entities

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