President Paul Kagame, Yoweri Kaguta of Uganda, Joao Lourenco of Angola, Felix Tshikedi of DRC have signed Angola Quadripartite Summit agreement on co-operation and security and enhancing good relations among the signatories.

The Angola Quadripartite Summit agreement calls for Uganda and Rwanda to improve on the political and economic relations between the four countries.

The agreement was signed on this Friday, August, 2019 in Luanda Angola.

They together with Presidents of Congo, hosts Angola and DRC have committed to new regional cooperation and security arrangements that should ease tensions in the region.

President Joao Lourenço and his Congolese counterpart Denis Sassou Nguesso attended the summit, with Nguesso expected to play a role in discussions on efforts to eradicate Congolese and foreign armed groups operating in northern DRC.

President Kagame wrote on twitter I want to start by thanking President Lourenco and President Tshisekedhi for the work and wise council they put into this process of bringing us together, President Museveni of Uganda and myself, to resolve any problems that have been existing between our two countries.

The signing of the treaty was witnessed by the host President João Lourenço and Presidents Félix Tshisekedi of DR Congo as well as his Congo Brazzaville counterpart Dennis Sassou Nguesso.

At the last meeting in July, Rwanda and Uganda reached understanding to resolve tensions that have erupted between their two countries in recent months, after contacts undertaken by Angola with the DR Congo’s assistance. The Angola foreign minister has in the past two weeks visited Kigali and Kampala to seal the deal.

The statement after the July meeting said that “the summit welcomed the political will of (Rwanda and Uganda) to continue dialogue with a view to finding a solution to existing problems.”

Today’s meeting is a followup of the July 12 summit also held in Angola’s Luanda which brought together the heads of state of the four countries. The July meeting convened by the Angolan president was devoted to regional security, cooperation and strengthening of ties among the four countries.

This Memorandum of Understanding is expected to take effect immediately upon signature.

A similar summit was held on July 12 at the invitation of Angola’s President João Lourenço. The meeting was attended by President Paul Kagame, President Félix Tshisekedi of DR Congo and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

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