Kabagema Christophe, the former advisor to King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa dies at 92 in France where he was living since 2016.

He was born in Nyamabuye, former Gitarama, on 6th, Feb 1927 and died on 19th, June 2019 at 92 in the city of Lille, France where he was living with his family.

His burial is slated on 27th, this month in France. The funeral liturgy will take place at Eglise Saint-Martin de Roubaix 10:30 PM before his body lay to rest in the Cimetière de Tourcoing Blanc-Seau.

He had five children with his wife Esther Mukayiranga. In 1933 he completed his primary studies at Zaza Kabwayi in 1939 and later joined high school studies at Groupe Scolaire (Section Candidats-Chefs) where he was training the chief’s to be and in 1940-1964 he attended French high learning institution at Ecole de Haute Etudes Commerciales du Nors Lille.

From 1947 he was the Administrative Assistant of Astrida-Butare, Deputy Chief of Kazo in the former Kibungo Prefecture and Assistant Secretary of the head of state at Nyanza.

In 1959 he was elected personal advisor of King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa at Nyanza.

The Express News


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