According to World Bank’s Doing Business index 2016, Rwanda is ranked as 1st in East Africa in terms of ease of doing business and 3rd in the entire Sub-Saharan region. 

The outcome of this has been very promising, increasing investor attraction to the country especially within the key economic sectors in Rwanda such as Agriculture, Mining, Tourism & Conservation, Manufacturing, Construction and the Service industry.

Life standards in Rwanda’s capital City, Kigali, are impressing people around the globe compared to that from the rest of the world.

Kigali is quickly developing
Roads are macadamized in Kigali and all  over the country
Kigali Convention Center becomes a hub of international conference.
The picture tells it all

In 2008 the City of Kigali won the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award for its many innovations in building a model,modern city symbolized by zero tolerance for plastics, improved garbage collection and a substantial reduction in crime.

Despite bearing the brunt of the genocide’s unspeakable horrors in 1994, Kigali has been the center of Rwanda’s nation-building efforts.


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