More than 4 mayors and 6 deputy mayors all nominated have resigned due to incompetence and poor performance.

Degaulle Nyirurugo, the deputy secretary of the executive committee, Rubavu District, said, the top leadership of the district have failed to fulfill the desired promises in their respective areas of administration.

He says they have advised the administration on various ideas but they kept on a deaf ear.

Rubavu is a secondary city and you find that its land is unprepared thus, with rampant unplanned settlement ending up the land being miss-used.

On social welfare Come degaulle, said, the last statistics showed that the citizens well being of the Rubavu district was very low with child stunting at high level.

He said this does not deserve for the citizens living in this district.

He also commented on the Head of the corporate resign. “Saying he was not paying the investor and district officials on time”

The latest mass resignations of local government officials come weeks after the Government called off the signing of the 2019/2020 performance contracts (best known as ‘Imihigo’) for districts.

All those who have resigned have cited ‘personal reasons’ for their handover of the positions.

So far, Ngororero, Rubavu, Musanze and Karongyi district and 6 deputize have resigned at this juncture.

Since last week rumors spread that mayor of Musanze district, Northern Province officials then other district followed one by one until the number topped four of them including Karongyi district Mayor Francois Ndayisaba

Proffessor Shyaka Anastase, Minister of Local Government, said, the mayors have resigned because of the failed accomplishments. He rather said there is nothing peculiar.

Minister Shyaka said, some local leaders are being dismissed by Districts’ Councils or requesting them to accept their resignation as per the law. Accountability deficits, failure to respond to citizens’ needs and inefficiency in delivery are the underlying causes

“They have resigned because of missed interests and performances,” Minister Shyaka said.

He added: “2019 is the last year of delivering on Vision2020 and towards midway to the first phase of National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) delivery in 2024. Every day counts! All districts are eager to have the most effective and conducive leadership to spur rapid local transformation and wellbeing of citizens,” the minister added.

This is not the first time the country has seen mass resignations of mayors or vice mayors but unlike in the past when officials would cite “personal reasons,” this time around District Councils are offering some details surrounding the exits, most of them related to underperformance, accountability, or gross misconduct.

However, commenting on such resignations four years ago, President Paul Kagame said: “If the newcomers fail to perform, they will resign.”

And a former Local government minister once admitted that mayors who resigned were actually being fired.

On social media the trend is known as the “Tour of Rwanda” – the name of the annual bike race – implying that all of the country’s 30 districts may catch the resignation fever.

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