Pan-Africanism is the surest way forward, but the problem still lies with the Africans themselves. Can you tell the readers more about the Pan-African ideals? When did the movement ‘arrive’ in Rwanda?

We must also reflect on our own history – the Rwandan history. Why are we not informed of our own unsung heroes? Charity should begin at home.

Pan-Africanism should not be taken for granted, or regarded as wish-wash hype propaganda. It should not be an exclusive club of a few politically active individuals. It is supposed to be a mass movement for all Africans without exception. It is an ideology to liberate Africa from the yoke of colonial domination, so that Africa can stay free from any form of oppression such as fascism…and pave the way for democratic dispensation in order to build a strong base for future economic emancipation.

People don’t have to agree or hold the same views with you but we must know that we all belong together whatever the case. In this respect, a spirit of tolerance should be nurtured and exercised so that our diversity of beliefs can benefit us all. That is why we uphold the motto of “organize, don’t agonize”.

Charles Kayitana

The Express News


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