Malaysians need to change their mindset towards littering, as even Rwandans surpass us in this aspect, says Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin.

The Housing and Local Govern­ment minister said that we need to emulate the clean culture in Rwan­da and remind one another to keep clean and not to litter wantonly.

Zuraida said the government is committed to ensuring that affordable housing policies include educating masses on saying no to plastic bags, which is a sizeable component of solid waste in Malaysia.

« Plastic make up 13.2% of all waste generated in 2017 in Malaysia, and 29.2% has to do with plastic bags. It takes hundreds of years for a plastic bag to decompose, » said Zuraida.

« The public will be educated on how to cut down on the use of plastic bags and use more recyclable bags. We have a two-year period –an engagement programme – to educate the public before enforcement. We are focusing on PPR flats, » said Zuraida.

The PPR Beringin is also the first to have a vending machine which pays in money and kind for recyclable plastic bottles deposited.

Zuraida stated that the priority for affordable housing policy focuses on those from the lower and middle-lower income groups to ensure that all Malaysians can afford a home.

« There will be better access to the various housing funds.

« We want to constantly engage with the lower income group B40 so that there will be a spirit of cooperation and they can manage their own properties and take care of the cleanliness around them.

« We hope to raise their awareness so that they will be informed of the government policies on cleanliness, » said Zuraida.

Zuraida also said the main issue in PPR flats is that of poor maintenance of the lifts.

« If they can understand how to use the lifts properly, that itself can reduce vandalism of the lifts, » she said.

« As for the financial collection of the management bodies, we are going to coach them on preparing a sinking fund to be used when problems arise. »

The Express News


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