VW Rwanda has aligned with RURA’s new transportation pricing regulations following the recent pricing regulations set by the Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA).

The company has normalized its transportation fee to 610frw Per Kilometers for the alignment with other Private transportations that usually charge 700frw per minute.
This has come after RURA requests the company to normalize and adjust its pricing accordingly with other private transportation pricing levels.
Speaking with The Express News, Nadejje Gaju, Head of the Sales and Marketing, Volkswagen Rwanda, said, there’s a gap of 90frw with other private transportation because for them they charge per kilometers and per minute, differently to other private fees that is regulated only on kilometers.

Gaju added that the new pricing required technical changes on the company’s Volkswagen Mobility Solutions, an app based mobility services of car sharing and ride hailing and that changes caused a series of momentary technical issues.
“Thus, the mobility team is following up on each cases diligently and attending to the queries of the affected clients to ensure that they are urgently resolved,” she adds.

Volkswagen’s commitment to Rwanda also includes the training of local people. The possibility of cooperation for the establishment of a technical academy is being investigated together with other German companies. In the long term, the objective is to generate employment, know-how transfer and sustainable growth.

Volkswagen intends to provide a new impetus for the development of individual mobility. Rwanda does not currently have an established vehicle industry. The population has an average age of less than 20 years and Rwandans are among the early adopters of new technologies.
In addition to Rwanda, the Volkswagen brand is also active at three other locations in the Sub-Sahara region: the company has been manufacturing vehicles in South Africa since 1951. Vehicle assembly began in Nigeria in 2015, and in Kenya in December 2016 and finally Rwanda in 2018.

The Express News


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