27 leaders of Rwanda Community Abroad (RCA) met at Washington DC in United States (U.S) in annual official retreat which links them with Rwandan Embassy in U.S to discuss further developmental activities of their mother country within the vision 2050.

Among the achievements made during the last year’s performance of contacts is that Rwandan Community in US managed to establish five more RCAs inline with making a decentralized strategy for Rwandans.

The president of Rwandan Community in US said this performance of contact was achieved and they exceeded five as they established 7 RCAs. He said that they will continue to approach Rwandans from everywhere in US to comply with their vision of having a 50-state strategy.

Ambassador Mathilde Mukantambara, the Representative of Rwanda in the United States of America appreciated the role of leaders for their significant activities in respecting the image of Rwanda. He advised them to work together in order to strive for self-reliance.

Anastase Shyaka, the Minister of Local Government who was the guest of honour in this ceremony reminded US-RCA leaders that they make the sixth province of Rwanda.

“You are the Mayors and Governors as the 6th province and you have responsibilities to know the number of the citizens you have, this will help you to make tangible measures to achieve your performance of contract basing on evidences,” he said.

Shyaka also reminded the leaders to first and foremost feel Rwandans and put forward Rwanda.

It was revealed during the retreat that RCAs in US have considerably developed their working strategies in developing Rwanda and striving for the welfare of its citizens through increased investments and other developmental initiatives to sustain Rwandan Economy.
The retreat was concluded by setting up new 2020/2021 performance of contracts:

1- Showing up Unity and Reconciliation among the RCAs, combating enemies of Rwanda.

2- Increasing efforts to encourage Americans to visit Rwanda in line with Visit Rwanda Initiatives, by visiting Gorillas and other touristic items that characterize the beauty of Rwanda.

3- Looking for markets of Made In Rwanda products among various markets in 27 States of America.

4- Creating friendship between their residential cities and those of Rwanda in line with Sister City programme.

5- Teaching the culture, language, dance and Rwandan values among the 27 RCAs.

After the retreat, leaders met fellow Rwandese and friends in the Annual Rwanda Prayer Banquet to pray for their mother country and their performance of contracts.

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