The 17th edition of the National Umushyikirano Council ended yesterday December 20th, with the message of President Paul Kagame calling on participants to go back with an understanding that Rwandans expect a lot from them.

Now, EXPRESS NEWS takes time and reviews the highlights of the council:

Keza Nyiramajyambere

The moment RDB Chief Executive Clare Akamanzi introduced her on Thursday, most Umushyikirano participants were hooked and Nyiramajyambere instantly became an unexpected mascot for the proceedings.
According to Akamanzi, every day, at least 10 children are born at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK).
One of the children born today (Thursday) could be Keza Nyiramajyambere, who will be 30 years old in 2050, she said.
“She will be working in a country whose economy is knowledge-based. In 30 years, Keza will have options so she could be into IT business. She will be running a business that is worth $1 billion and will be employing at least 50,000 people. That is the kind of girl we are looking at for the future,” she said.
From then onwards almost every discussant made reference to Keza Nyiramajyambere.

Use of Kinyarwanda

In Umushyikirano so obviously Kinyarwanda is the language of choice so that all Rwandans are catered for. However, unlike other years where panelists and contributors mixed lots of English and French in their questions or contributions, this year, there was little to almost no foreign language.
This is a win for the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC), which has consistently pushed Rwandans to embrace their language.

Made-In-Rwanda style

One of the things that stood out during the National Umushyikirano Council proceedings was how Rwandans have embraced ‘Made in Rwanda’ products, especially the clothes.
Prioritizing people with disabilities
If you attended or have ever attended Umushyikirano, then you are aware of the really long lines as one by one, the participants go through the security scanners.

Well, thanks to the organisers of Umushyikirano, people with disabilities were not only given priority on these lines, there was also a gold cart with a driver, ready to drive those who needed help getting to the entrance of the hall.

Besides that, three people with disabilities were given an opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions during the two day events.

Religion given a chance

The Constitution of Rwanda provides for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respects this right in practice.

The opinion of religious leaders at Umushyikirano was once again proof that opinions from religious leaders are respected as most of them are in charge of large masses of people.

Besides Bishop Servellien Nzakamwita from Byumba Diocese who contributed his thoughts about teenage pregnancies, Sister Immaculée Uwamariya charmed participants with her views, which were mostly peppered with humour about today’s family setting, leaving many with ‘food for thought’ about what today’s child needs from the primary caregivers and society in general.

Youth takeover

If there is one thing that stood out this year, it is the fact that Rwandan youth are on their way to greatness and no one can stop them.
The youth, either at the Intare Conference Arena or any of the other sites, were eager to share their success stories and their plans for the futur

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