Ugandan rebels of the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) are reportedly holding hostage a total of 106 people after they attacked villages last Friday.

The figures have been released Tuesday by the Boga Civil Society organization in Bunia- the capital city of Ituri Province.

According to the Boga civil society investigation report, the ADF rebels split into three groups during last Friday’s attack in the Bahema Boga chiefdom.

These rebels are alleged to have ransacked dozen localities including the shopping center of Izinga, the Anglican mission of Boga and the villages of Nyagukuka, Bubundu, Nyabakala, Mungwanga and Mulirya.

The hostages were nabbed and forced to carry the loot including 160 cows and 300 goats. The rebels were still seen in the outskirts of Boga on Sunday.

Albert Baseke, vice-president of this civil society says that these people are still in the hands of the kidnappers.

Meanwhile, the Hema tribal community in Bunia has organised a conference to reflect on the solutions for the restoration of lasting peace in Djugu territory.

“We want to read the situation of the tragedy in the territory of Djugu and release the resolutions for a final peace. Our goal is to recover peace. May our people be restored to their rights and dignity, “said Vicky Ngona, spokesman for the Hema community.

The Express News


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