The Rwanda diaspora vowed that their hearts are in their native country even though they live in different foreign countries after completing a gorgeous visit in Musanze District, Northern Province where they lauded efforts of investment facilities.

Sandrine Uwimbabazi, Maziyateke Director of Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MINAFFET) urged Rwandans in diaspora to know the opportunities of their mother Country-Rwanda and come to exploit investment opportunities especially in tourism area.

“We need in our responsibilities to continue showing the real image of our country to our people who are in diaspora, we need to show them all those opportunities. So far, the image of Rwanda is clear 25 years ago, we have security and there are no barriers and no losses for people who want to invest in the country, people in diaspora should know the rationale of made in Rwanda which is now in good progress,” Uwimbabazi said.

Sandrine Uwimbabazi, Maziyateke Director of Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MINAFFET)

She advised youth in diaspora to get informed on the current good news of the country through social media instead of relying on rumors.

Chantal, one of Rwandan community living abroad said that she uses to come in Rwanda quite often and finds many things changed in terms of development.

She said that they will create partnerships with different local institutions to foster knowledge where Rwandans in diaspora will come to teach Rwandans. She noted that knowledge sharing is one of investments that can help in development of the country.

Chantal, one of Rwandan community living abroad

“We still have challenges of reluctance, we should increase efforts in mobilizing youth to work hard and think on how to come back and support Rwanda, their mother country,”

After enjoying the visit, the one who were interviewed by The Express News did not hide their emotions by confessing their patriotic emotions towards their lovely country

Ntagozera Tom, deputy head of Rwandan diaspora Global Network said that they have visited the region to strengthen partnership with the province in all possible domains

“We were invited by the governor; we are building a steady collaboration with the province in the trend of development. We plan to visit here more times to tighten possible projects that may contribute to the general need of the country.

Tom Ntagozera, one of Rwandan living in Denmark and Vice-President of Rwandan Diaspora Global Network (RDGN)

When we reach back abroad, we do the task of sensitizing other Rwandans who have no truth about Rwanda so that they may change mindset and turn back to their country”

Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the governor of northern province expressed his sympathy about the visit.
“We have different beauty spots so we need you to come again and again.:” the money we gain from this touristic visit will contribute to the development of the country. We would like you as well to profit from favorable reasons to invest in Rwanda, so be open and bring in your investments like some of your counterparts have started doing in our province.” He uttered

Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the Governor of Northern Province

“The cultural event that you have witnessed should remind you about your brotherhood based on nativity, so this is the real ‘NDI UMUNYARWANDA’ (I am Rwandese). Go and make other part of diaspora miss their lovely native country, and come to see how we do, because some of them especially youth have false information about Rwanda” He added
The visit was organized aiming at tourism whereby the group from diaspora visited different beauty spots and were chatted about attractions that they would be through while honoring reasons to invest in Rwanda.

The Express News


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