A couple of months ago, younger talented-football players ranged between U-13 and U-15 in Rubavu district and its neighbouring regions could not find a fitting place to practice the game due to lack of management and enough equipment including playing ground.
These children became lucky as they were selected to join Manzi Rush Footbal Academy for more physical and practical exercise and with enough equipment. According to their own testimonies, they believe they will be at a good level to play for Rwanda in the near future.
Nyangezi Theophic, 15, a young player in Manzi Rush Football Academy started to play football at 10 years old. He told the Express News that since two years in the academy has learnt a lot like good use of physical football control.
He said that they gain enough physical exercises with the support of the coach, which is different from the past when they used to play in the bushes with other children in his neighborhood.
“I gained a lot, I learnt to control the ball, I started playing football at 10 years old and I was good at giving a pass, my football practical skills increased, I wish to be a professional football player like Haruna or Djihad, The Ben and Pogba. What I liked enough in football is the coo flat I won once in a camp, it was difficult because it was a selection, I thank Rush Boss to support us, and we will not disappoint him in football performance. I also thank other partners who do their best to support talents of children.” He said.
He said that they still lack enough equipment and the ground is not accessible on time.
He calls up on parents to give their children an opportunity to exercise football as they can feel it their passion.
Ishimwe Elie, 14, is the captain of Rush Football Academy. He said that he joined Rush football academy to try his luck as he liked football in his childhood.
“In the past, I liked football but the way we were playing was disorder-oriented as we could play from everywhere even in the bushes, everywhere we could find a ball, we played to satisfy our happiness, but when I came here, I could not control the ball very well but now I know to do that, we were trained in various physical exercises. I like RAMOS of Real Madrid, I want to be like him.” Ishimwe said.
He said that being among the young football players within the academy increased his discipline.
“I thank Rush Boss for his significant support. Being here is very important, it increases our knowledge and we do not forget the lesson at school. I learnt a lot from the academy.” He said.
According to Innocent Ndayambaje, the coach of Manzi Soccer Academy in Rubavu District, Western Province said that they welcome children from under 13 to 15 years old.
He said that every child who has a talent is allowed to join their academy. Manazi soccer academy started with 25 children who will be promoted in terms of age.
Different talents
“We have two months coaching the children; they come from Rubavu district and elsewhere from the neighboring regions. Our children especially those from Rubavu district have football talents, after receiving a child his level of playing gets improved in few days like a week. We need to raise their level up to the international level; we have a hope to achieve that.” Ndayambaje said.
Ndayambaje as a coach has a license in CAF C, which is an opportunity and asset to train young players.
He said that the hope to develop children’s football talents to the international level is that they have good grounds, equipments and leadership of the football academy.
The Manzi football academy was founded by Manzi Andrée Jimmy, who is currently working in Colorado, USA. He supports his team with equipments and everything they want to continue their performance.
He said that it is enough to have a ground, equipment like uniforms and balls to play.
Message to football fans
Ndayambaje calls up on football fans in Rwanda to invest in it as it is a business that can brings long-term benefits. “I hope that in five years to come we will be having the benefits from these young children. The benefits are not only for individual or team but also for the country.” He said.
He added that the good will between children and their parents gives a hope for the future of these young football players.
He tells Rwandans that it requires partnership to train young children to become high level players.
The vision
“I hope that in 10 years to come these children will be at a good level.”
He requests FERWAFA leadership to continue supporting children’s football academies in order to have strong teams in the future.
He calls other football fans living abroad to come and support Rwanda’s football. We thank them for achievements so far, and we request them to stay being supportive.
Ruzindana Ndahiro, Rush Academy’s Secretary General said that the academy is about three months old after being officially inaugurated but it has been working before getting legal status.
He said that the academy is there to promote children’s talents than making money.
“We have children in two categories, the first is under 13 and U-15, and we also plan to have U-17 to have all the categories. Our vision is to have an academy which is at the continental and international level. We plan in three years ahead to take rush at a very good level.” Ndahiro noted.
He said they are planning many friendly matches in three months despite the impacts of COVID-19. Ndahiro commends the efforts of the founder of Rush academy and expects a lot from him in the future of the academy.
“We hope to see Rwanda’s Football at higher level in the near future and Rush will play a vital role to realize it.” He added

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