Last week, pictures and the video was taken from Nyabugogo, showing one of the street vendors fighting against some members of  District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO)  has been spread out through media and social media.

This Wednesday The city of Kigali has declared serious measures to end for good such business of street vendors/buyers, including to do respect the rules set for them, and deploying police men to ensure the success.

The mayor of The city of Kigali, Pascal Nyamurinda, has said that time of being reluctant in stopping street vendors known as “Abazunguzayi”  is now over.

He insists that the rules and regulations should be respected hundred percent. Policemen are ready to be deployed instead of DASSO Members who showed their weakness in this case.

“ This can’t be supported since their businesses  make Kigali  a disorganized and rubbish city which is contrary to the vision of this  city. The rules are going to be respected as it was set.” Pascal Nyamurinda

He added, “Street buyers and vendors must be punished.”

Actually, The City of Kigali built over 12 markets in three districts, to house over 8000 street vendors, without success.

The Express News Rwanda




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