My names is Umurerwa Ruzagiriza Ange Dorine, When genocide against Tutsis happened in Rwanda I was only two years old and I lost my family…. and didn’t get the chance to know my dad.

As we commemorate for 24 years now there is something we do ignore but which touched my heart after reading this book “un Papa du sang”

“Un Papa du sang” Book writtern By Jean Hatzfeld , He was living in Rwanda before Genocide againt Tusti 1994

We have two groups of kids who suffers in a different way but the fact here is that they all grief

They were both two years old during the genocide and one lost his dad and other is ashamed of being called a son or a daughter of a killer..
As I remember my late Dad I want to write this to you all who are ashamed of your dad and no body understood how you also felt when we are commemorating!

Umurerwa Ruzagiriza Ange Dorine photo courtesy

You are not alone also do not let that shame Ruin your future it is your father’s faults not Yours.., I was two Years when this happened as You too so you could have done nothing Because you were just a little kid.

Don’t listen to those negative thoughts in your Mind please just let it go and forgive your Dads cause we forgive them too.

To my fellow 2 years old victims also I want to ask you to take that anger away of our hearts it’s only destroying you and whatever happened you can’t change it and whether you like it or not we Tutsis and Hutu we will share this small land that God blessed us with.

Let not be commemorating only but also renew our thinking change our mindsets let build a country where the future generations will never experience GENOCIDE.

And to those who don’t understand it well COMMEMORATING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REVENGE

By Umurerwa Ruzagiriza Ange Dorine
The views expressed in this article are of the Writer.


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