We are in the City Centre,near the building Known as T2000 which is located opposite of the place known as Ndamage, near the road to the Sulfo Rwanda. We come across the gentle man whose name is Nsengiyumva Patric, asking where is Golden Fashion Dealers, a place where he can buy men’s Fashions.

It was not for the first time for to hear the name (Golden Fashion ), but that time I felt curious to know really what kind of products they sell.

It was via the Parking entry that we passed and we soon found a placard designed with “Golden Fashion ”, then he said “this the right place I was in need of”, he added “Thank You”.

I went with him and I get in every corner of the men’s fashion and children and women’s suits.

The best women’s suits ever, available in Golden Fashion Dealers

I was wondering this shop should have high price rate, I decided to ask one of the girl in charge to let me know the price of the suit of my preference and she told me it is 35,000 Rwandan Francs, she promised me to make less 40 % in case I took more than one.

Men’s suits on the lowest price.

I bade fare ware to Nsengiyumva Patric, I continued to ask in order to know the prices, I realized I was not aware that here they have good products on low price.
For instance, when you buy one shirt, you gain a discount of 25%, whereas when you are shopping more than one you obtain a discount of 35%.

One pair of trousers, discount is 15%, whereas you obtain a discount of 25% when you buy more than one.

Golden dealers shop we work every day from 07h00 am till midnight 0788318547


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