Their lawyer, Pierre Celestin Buhuru told court that he had not read through the prosecution’s file on allegations leveled against the three family members.

Buhuru said that he was not handed files containing the allegations so that he could peruse them and prepare the defense.

He requested five days to assess the prosecution’s allegations.

The prosecution side said that the lawyer was just reluctant to access and read a soft copy of the case file as it was available in the court system.

Noting that defendants have a right to fair time for preparation before hearing and trial, prosecution allowed defendants to be given some time to study the file but opposed the five days. Buhuru asked prosecution to give him hard file, which prosecution declined saying that information contained therein is confidential.

The presiding judge denied them the requested five days to prepare for defense and set the hearing date for Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 9:00 am.SRC :Igihe

The Express News


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