Rwandans in UK Diaspora join the rest of fellow Rwandese and friends to celebrate heroes’ day where they also watched a film dubbed ‘The 600” to explain the image of how RPF-Inkotanyi armies liberated the country after stopping the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

The ceremony was held at Harrow School in UK Kingdom on Saturday of last week. It gathered various signatories including Winston Churchill, former UK Prime Minister, Hussein Bin Talal who is former Jordanian King, Excellency High leader of Qatar, Sheikh Taimin Bin Hamad Al Thani among others.

This ceremony hosted over 300 UK residents including students, friends of Rwanda, Commonwealth future programme members and more.
Yamina Karitanyi, Ambassador of Rwanda in UK lauded efforts of participants to this ceremony, appreciating the heroism of Armies who dedicated their lives to save the country. He also requested the guests to always be patriotic and love their fellow citizens.

Jonathan Kalisa Kalemera, one of Rwandans who lived in UK for a couple of years shared a discussion that explains how heroism is not only the battle of weapons, but to strive for others’ welfare.
He gave an example of a young man called Nizeyimana who constructed a road himself in Western Province.
“He did that for the entire community, not for himself”
He requested participants to the event to learn from RPF Inkotanyi and achieve more social activities.
Participants were shown a film ‘The 600’: Soldiers’ Story that shows how the 5th battalion of former RPF armies at Rwanda parliament (CND) saved many Tutsis lives during the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994.

This film was composed and produced by Richard Hall from USA in Great Blue Productions. He won the Emmy Awards and currently produces TV talk shows at Los Angels.

He was assisted by A Wize studio in Kigali of Annette Uwizeye that directed the film.
The national heroes’day is currently celebrated on February 1. Rwandan heroes are in three categories: IMANZI, Maj Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema, Imena which include the King Mutara III Rudahiugwa, Rwagasana Michel, Agathe Uwiringiyimana, Niyitegeka Felicitee and students of Nyange. The third category is ‘INGENZI’ but has no heroes yet.

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