Rwandans in diaspora were urged to strive for changes that lead to African Dignity and help Africa to reach to its goals in line with sustainable development.

The message was delivered on Tuesday by Pan African Movement Rwanda leadership during the meeting with Rwandans in diaspora where various measures were taken to encourage other Rwandans to be role models who can help other Africans living in diaspora understand the goals of the continent.
The African Union (AU) has taken the ‘2063 goals’ of having a united and developed continent that can raise a voice and at the international level.

Addressing to some of Rwandans in diaspora, Charles Munyaneza, one of the commissioners of Pan African Movement Rwanda Chapter said that Africa has opportunities to reach the same level of other developed countries.
“there is no reason why we, Africans can remain in poverty, we are human beings like others. It is possible that we can live a noble life, it is possible that Africa can reach its development and God did not curse us. We need a strong Africa that can strive for its self-reliance and we need to build a partnership at the global level instead of keeping quiet,” he said.

Munyaneza said that this will be achieved when very African understands the goals of the continent and participates in implementations.
He emphasized that this should start from Rwandans in diaspora and reach to other Africans living abroad.
“they must feel Rwandans where they are and also feel Africans who have responsibilities to develop their countries,” he added.

Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, Rwanda’s Minister of State in charge of the East African Community reiterated that a good decision that was taken is to open the Pan African Movement chapters for Rwandans in diaspora.
“We have decided to establish the Pan African Movement chapters in various countries to strengthen the Africanism among them. Ndi Umunyarwanda should be followed by Ndi Umunyafurika and this must be done by Rwandans in partnership with other Africans.” Nduhungirehe said.

Etienne Murenzi, a Rwandan living in Norvège said he supports the idea of opening the Pan African Movement Rwanda chapter for Rwandans livingin Diaspora and it helps to build unity. He said they started implementing this idea in Norvège.

The Pan African Movement has objectives to strive for African Development through changing the colonial mindset

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