A group of the young Rwandan students living in Germany tours their homeland for the sake of deep understanding of their heritage and culture.

The tour started July 28th to 3rd August and was organised by the Rwandan youth diaspora living in Germany in collaboration with the Rwandan culture and native language school based in Berlin in Germany established by the Embassy of Rwanda in Germany.

The Secretary of the Rwandan Diaspora in Germany, Annonciata Mukamurenzi Haberer, told The Express News that since 2011 Rwandan diaspora in Germany has been conducting such study tours in order to help young Rwandan students understanding their language, cultures, virtues, norms and historical background.

“Anyone who doesn’t know where he comes cannot know where he is going,” she says.

Mukamurenzi added that in the wake to inculcate the love of the Rwandan culture among the young Rwandan they manage to take them to cultural festivals FESPAD, Inyanza Twataramye among other traditional concerts while in Rwanda.

“This was a package to help them understand the Rwandan culture while going back in Germany. Our target is to see the Rwandan virtues are revived in Itorero Program where they connecting with fellow Rwandan so that they learn more about their country,” he adds.

Rwandan culture and native language school were built in 2016 in Berlin the following year another cultural school was started in 2017.

“Therefore, the idea came from those schools to take those students in the study tours to visit their motherland. We really thank the Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany Igor Cesar for supporting us in the whole study tours,” he adds.

The youth also visited the Gisozi memorial sites in Kigali, paid tribute to the Tutsi’s who lost their lives during 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and Richard Kandt museum.

The meetings with the Minister of Sports and Culture Julienne Uwacu and the Minister of Youth Rosemary Mbabazi presented a profound impression of the situation of today’s youth in Rwanda and its future. With 70 percent of its population being under the age of 31, Rwanda is a country that has recognized the importance of investing into the youth, a valuable investment into a better future.

Massive thanks to the honorable Ministers Rosemary Mbabazi and Julienne Uwacu; Mrs Belize Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer RDB and Amb. Robert Masozera, Director General of the Institute of the National Museum of Rwanda for having supported our successful journey in Rwanda.

Rwandan youth diaspora also visited some of the social facilities that they sponsored including the primary school built in Musanze District, Ruhehe sector, TVET school of Rubavu and the co-operative house where young girls are trained to make handicrafts.

The Express News


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