Rwandan community abroad committed to offer kind of support to their country during the holidays after learning from Niringiyimana, single Rwandan young man who built a seven kilometers’ road alone in three years.

Emmanuel Niringiyimana, a resident of Murambi Sector in Karongi District, became a social media sensation after a story about a seven-kilometre road he singlehandedly built in his village went viral on social media platforms.

The young man became an inspiration for thousands of citizens and mass social media user including Rwandan community abroad.

According to the TV1 story, Niringiyimana started working on the road when he was only 20.

Rwandans living abroad said then they will be contributing their efforts and ideas that support the country when they come to Rwanda in their holidays.
It was a very surprising and meaningful lesson for them to hear how it became possible for one person to achieve such a significant initiative within three years alone.
Patrick Ndengera , the president of Montreal Diaspora explains that the expected results from such initiatives would make a paramount history and contribute to the national development.
He gave various examples of which the development is possible like knowledge transfer where Rwandans will be sharing knowledge and experiences as well as trainings that accelerate companies and small businesses’ startups that have not access to finance.

He also noted that the support they will give can help graduates to gain further trainings in relation with Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and others disciplines.
“Not only this, teachers who work from abroad can send an expert in advanced courses and different faculties like in nursing and they can intervene in rural hospitals where shortage of doctors is still an issue,” Ndengera Said

He mentioned that Rwandan communities living abroad have different knowledge and skills that they can share with Rwandans like advanced technologies in Architect, Veterinarian and Education, to mention few.

Rwandan community in Montreal said they will approach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET) to help them refine this idea and that they are ready to contribute their efforts towards the development of their country.

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