Rwandans and their friends in Netherlands gathered in Hague’s Hilton Hotel to celebrate international Women’s Day, in which they used the opportunity to expose ‘Made in Rwanda’ products.
The celebration took place on 16th March, a week after official International Women’s Day, usually on 8th March, was celebrated.

This day was organized by Rwandan embassy in Netherlands in partnership with Rwandan association in Netherlands with Gender commission support.
Rwanda is well known for its aggressive stance in involving women in country’s daily life. The country has beaten multiple odds in terms of injecting women in country’s welfare. It has constitution 30% as the minimum number of women to be involved in all decision making institutions while there was a time in which 64% of MPs were women; a world’s record achievement despite the country having to deal with notorious setbacks like cultural barriers.

These reasons have stimulated Rwandans to come together and celebrate these achievements while seizing the opportunity to continue to promote ‘Made in Rwanda’ program as a way of playing their role in the overall development of Rwanda.

Ndahiro Hubert adviser of Rwandan embassy in Netherlands (Photo courtesy )

The first adviser of Rwandan embassy in Netherlands, Ndahiro Hubert, who was representing Ambassador Karabaranga Jean Pierre, said the celebration’s role is to reflect on the importance of women in development of Rwanda.
“We reveal tangible achievements for Rwandans inside the country and abroad and the role of Gender in their realization.” He said.

“Rwanda is well perceived because the leadership of the visionary Paul Kagame has positioned women in the right place to play valuable role in all activities concerning development of the country.”

Ndahiro pointed that “women in Rwanda can be found in different influential sectors like education, army forces, trade, judiciary, among others”, referring to the high penetration of women in almost all sectors and institutions that are crucial in decision making processes for development of the country.
Ndahiro also cited that Rwandans profited such day to introduce constructive discussions and sharing important information regarding the development of their country. Crucially, the day was used to motivate business communities, both Rwandans and foreigners, to come and invest in Rwanda by portraying the opportunities rooted inside the country that can to be exploited.

Chairperson of Rwandan women in Netherlands Uwamwezi Hilda Kamali (Photo courtesy)

Uwamwezi Hilda Kamali, a leader in charge of Gender in Rwandan diaspora in Netherlands was impressed by the support of Rwandan embassy in the implementation of their activities on that day.
“We are lucky because Rwandan embassy support us a lot. We thank diplomats representing our country here for their roles [in achieving this day].” She said.

The celebration however, has also been dominated by the ‘exposition of Made in Rwanda products’which were exposed by ‘Iby’Iwacu’ association. Among the products were clothes and decorations which have been sowed and produced in Rwanda. The exposition used methods like modeling and table expositions to exhibit all products.

Among the invitees was also a local gospel singer Uwizeyimana Clementine, known as Tonzi. In addition to entertaining the audience with her popular talent, Tonzi used her time wisely to demonstrate some activities of her own association, ‘Birashoboka Dufatanije’, which converges disabled children and offer them some help.

The celebration was concluded by a party which combined traditional and modern musical styles to make the audience jump from their legs. Tonzi, Itorero Inkera and renowned DJ Marnaud have all flied to Hague to entertain the noble audience which attended the celebration.
Rwandan embassy in Netherlands had also invited foreign diplomats, investors and friends of Rwanda from all over the world to join the celebration of this special day for Rwandans.

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