Rwandan community in Mozambique woke up to sad news of brutal death of the Diaspora leader Louis Baziga allegedly shot at Matola neighbourhood in the Capital Maputo.

It hasn’t been established what could have led to his shooting on Monday.

Claude Nikobisanzwe the Rwandan envoy in Mozambique confirmed the death of the Diaspora leader saying, “Baziga was shot at about 11 AM by about three people . He was ambushed by assailants while driving.”

According to the envoy, Baziga was driving from home towards a garage to have his car repaired. Mozambican Police have taken up the matter and are already conducting Investigations.

Baziga was driving in the Bike locality few yards off the tarmac road. Two cars approached him and stopped, armed men with guns walked towards his car and showered him with bullets leading to his death.

However, Baziga has been entangled in a family dispute over ownership of a Pentecostal Church in Revival Mozambique.

In 2016 a Mozambican court heard in trial of a case involving three businessmen Diomède Tuganeyezu, Benjamin Ndagijimana and Revocat Karemangingo- these businessmen claimed that they together with Baziga founded this church, however, Baziga latter wanted to own it alone.

Baziga’s life has been in danger and escaped several attempts. It is alleged that in previous incidences, members of his family attempted to bribe Police to assassinate him but jumped death after a close friend alerted him.

The Express News


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