Her Excellency Donatille Mukabalisa, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Rwanda, has urged Rwandans living in Canada to build on what Rwanda has achieved, in contributing to their motherland development trend.

Speaker Mukabalisa said this during the dialogue he held with Rwandans who live abroad in different parts of Canada, amidst a recent meeting which brought together leaders of different parliaments which are under the commonwealth community, organized by the parliament of Canada.

In her message to Rwandans she said: “All what has been done is very promising event though it came from hard moments, but we, Rwandans, are holding on for the durable development. What we have achieved is basically gained because of political will, hard work and persistence from every Rwandan and its cohesion, good governance led by His Excellence Paul Kagame”

The speaker furtherly said that President Paul Kagame usually advises and give opportunity to different categories of Rwandan people, to provide their contribution through constructive ideas in order to participate in what is done in for their benefices and that it is the indispensable foundation to the development that Rwanda is enduring.
Mukabalisa added that Rwandans should always remember where they came from so that they might not fall asleep and fall again.

“we are boasting about where we are today, but remembering that we came from zero in 1994, whereby the country had been destroyed completely. All this makes us hopeful that event better things will be achieved in the direction of our vision.”

Speaker Mukabalisa reminded the attendees the bad history that Rwanda went through during colonialism whereby divisionism was planned for fellow Rwandans, teaching them hatred between fellow citizens which endured until 1994, the period by which politicians invested in dividing Rwandans in ethnic groups, leaving some part of the population out of needed service.

She emphasized that the political which was needed after the Tutsi Genocide was to put strength on uniting Rwandans and put them in favorable conditions helping them to work peaceably contributing to the development of their nation.
The speaker, as well, called on the diaspora to profit from investment opportunities and give their stake
“You have been told about investing opportunities in Rwanda; you are also a big opportunity for Rwanda, you are the main proprietorship that the country counts on. As you are living in the country in which you get very good education and you come back o use the gained knowledge here in your homeland, so you should imagine how far we can reach putting our strengths together.” She said..

In particular message she delivered to the youth living in Canada, Mukabalisa said that Rwanda had gone through difficulties, then came up to find best solutions and now Rwanda is thriving on its invested efforts.

“Keep recognizing that you must build on the achievement your country has got, the fame Rwanda has reached is not there for you to destroy it but to sustain it.” She said

In 2019, Rwandans living abroad contributed the amount of $261,6, meanwhile the projects of investments including Rwandans who live abroad contributed the amount of $318,1 to Rwanda.

Rwanda has vision for its economy to rise up to 10% by 2050, while in 2019 rise was at rate of 8%.
The aim of vision 2050 is to make Rwanda a country with decent economy by which in 2035 a citizen will be earning rwf4000000 per year, in 2050 rwanda will have reached an advanced economy whereby a citizen will be earning rwf11000000 per year.

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