With so many natural wonders in Rwanda, it’s impossible not to enjoy an adventurous and exciting vacation you’ve always wanted. Rwanda, renowned as ‘land of thousand hills’ is an impeccably beautiful country; characterised by fascinating savannah, undulating hills and deep valleys, abundant wildlife and natural aesthetics. Its capital city, Kigali is picturesque with many sights and delights.

Instead of planning yet another trip to places like United States, Europe or Canada, pay attention to your adventurous side and visit Rwanda. The East African country’s beauty is immeasurable and has so many things to offer any visitor, from safari to lake and beach adventures. You still don’t believe? Here are 10 reasons why Rwanda is more awesome than you may think.

1. Scenic Kigali Landscape

Rwanda is synonymous with mountains and scenic landscapes, celebrated for its gorgeous national parks, historical and cultural attractions. Kigali offers much more, from stunning architecture, museums, shopping, amazing restaurants and hotels, to elegant cuisine and friendly people.

2. Lake Kivu Resorts

Lake Kivu is part of the great lakes of Africa. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains with settlements around the shore in places like Sake, Kahele, Gisenyi, Bukavu and many others.

3. Tea Garden

Rwanda is one of the countries that produce tea in Africa. Covering hectares of land are tea vegetation, rich greenery – plenty of lush green plantations. Rwanda is famous for its quality of tea along with the natural beauty of the tea garden and surroundings. Enormously found Rwanda’s slopes and caustic soils of highland region, with pleasant climate which makes it easy for plantation growth. This place is a great spot for sight-seeing.

4.Virunga Mountains

This is where you see endangered mountain gorillas in close view – a mind-boggling sight. The Virunga Mountains borders Volcanoes National Park and Ruwenzori National Park. The Mountain Gorillas have been a major attraction in Rwanda. Go on Gorilla Safari – gorilla trekking, have a captivating wildlife encounter, watch gorillas and discover the natural scenery the mountain offers.

5.Lakeside Tranquillity

Rwanda has beautiful lakes with calm waters and natural scenery. The country is definitely a great spot for a releasing lakeside retreat. The stunning retreats and stylish luxury at Rwanda lake shores are amazing. Lakeside getaways will definitely slow your pace because the lakes brim with a peaceful countryside ease. A vacation in Rwanda will surely rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.


Rwanda is a country with a diverse culture and rich heritage. The Rwandan cuisine is famous all over East Africa, with its signature East African dish – Ugali and vegetables. Rwanda cuisine is wide ranging in taste, flavour and variety such as Rwandan “Agatogo” with Collard Greens, Isombe , Green masala fish, and others. If you are a foodie, you should probably visit Rwanda to have a taste of their delicious dishes

Rwanda has it all – stunning fascinations, history and culture, beach and lakeside attractions, amazing landmarks, lively nightlife and friendly people. These reasons should show you that Rwanda is really a great destination, suitable for your vacation.

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