Rwanda is considering the feasibility of navigation transport via Akagera River to reduce the transport costs that is currently relying on roadway and the project feasibility is now under consultation.

A financial and economical project study of navigation feasibility via Akagera River is to be fully carried out according to Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye , Minister of State for the Ministry of Transport quoted from the East African article. There have been previous study that found out the navigation transport via Akagera River connecting to Lake Victoria was feasible though it will have to be fully refined with benefits and prospective highlighted.
The waterway is expected to have its harbor at Kagitumba, the northeastern part of the country and the waterfront of Akagera River renowned for its flat area. The area is equipped with basic infrastructure as for electricity and waterlines and easy for roadway transport to Kigali, the capital city.

The countries of north corridor seek to boost trade industry which is mainly affected by non-enabling transport facilities which mainly rely on roadway transport. For this reason Lake Victoria is a target to ease the transport whereby Uganda and Tanzania have committed to cash in investment to exploit waterway transport via Victoria Lake as the East African article furtherly said.
Rwanda on the other side, not oblivious of its landlocked location, seeks to find out whatever alternative means to make the transport of its imported and exported goods become accessible and affordable. For this reason, Akagera waterway might bring solutions as the transport price will considerably go down once the project proves to work out.
The current cost of transport one container from Dar es Salaam, which mainly requires roadway, totals around $ 4,990. The project is believed to help the price cut down to 30% once it works out.
Rwanda is also, in the same perspective to boost trade sector, looking to build a railroad from Isaka to Kigali. The joint project of railroad, which Rwanda will need a staggering $ 2.5 billion investment, have been recently agreed by Tanzanian and Rwandan heads of state and the building works officially kick off by the end of this year.

The Express News


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