The vehicles handed over to their rightful owners included a Range Rover, a Toyota Land cruiser pickup and a Toyota Fortuner – all intercepted entry points.

The Range Rover was intercepted on March 5, this year as it entered Rwanda from Uganda. Its original colour had been changed to blue and given a new plate number – UAV 147C.

The Toyota Land-cruiser pickup stolen five years ago was intercepted on February 11, last year as it crossed into Rwanda from Tanzania. At the time, its original number plates had been changed to T753 CGM.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner intercepted on May 30, 2016 had South African registration numbers, although not the original one.

It is said that all the vehicles were destined to DR Congo.

The vehicles were handed over to their rightful owners at the RNP General Headquarters in Kacyiru in the presence of the South African Police Officers.

Bernard Kobus, the owner of a Toyota Landcruiser pickup thanked both the Rwanda and South African police forces for the efforts invested in recovering his vehicle.


“Five years ago, I went to attend a church meeting along with my neighbor in Free State Province, and parked our vehicles outside but we never locked them. Minutes later, we heard engines starting and when we got out both vehicles were gone,” Kobus said

 He added: “The loss of a personal property is indeed painful but the moment you recover your lost property, you forget all the pain. Thanks to the Rwandan Police for this professional act.”
 Peter Cawood, the owner of Toyota Fortuner, said: “It’s fantastic how we are benefiting from this police cooperation. My vehicle was stolen a year ago, I reported to police and indeed they have recovered it.”
The South African Police also received the Range Rover on behalf of the owner


 The official handover was also witnessed by representative of the South African insurance companies that has insured the vehicles.

“This is another success registered by law enforcers that result from good cooperation. These vehicles had traveled over 4000 km, their plate had been changed and even the colour, but still they were recognized and intercepted as they attempted to transit through Rwanda. This proves how cooperation makes us all powerful and far-reaching,” said Captain François Conradie.
 While handing over the vehicle, the Commissioner for Interpol at RNP, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Peter Karake, noted that they vehicles were intercepted with the use of the Interpol’s I-24/7 communication system.
 The system connects all the 190 Interpol member countries. Information filled in the system on lost or stolen item can be accessed by all members


“The Interpol I-24/7 system has fundamentally changed the way the global law enforcement community works jointly to combat such sophisticated transnational crimes,” ACP Karake said, warning that “Rwanda will never be a haven or transit of any for stolen material.”

 “Criminals always have market but the most important thing is how law enforcement agencies share information. Such cooperation makes it hard for criminal syndicates to operate in our region,” he added.
ACP Karake noted that RNP stand committed to working and cooperating with regional and international law enforcement agencies in fighting and preventing cross-border crimes including vehicle theft.
 With the help of the international Police communication system, RNP intercepted at least 38 stolen motor vehicles stolen from different parts of the world in the last two years,
With the help of the international Police communication system, RNP intercepted at least 38 stolen motor vehicles stolen from different parts of the world in the last two years, include one reportedly stolen from Mexico, which was intercepted this Monday.

Photo :Rwanda Police

The Express News 


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