It was an issue of concern for Rwandan Community in Diaspora to get the information on insurance schemes of their properties. The ASSAR association said that Rwandan Community in diaspora are given a discount through their respective embassies.

It has been a habit and a struggle for Rwandan community abroad to know the information regarding their properties and their activities in Rwanda. The national insurance body

The representative of ASSAR, Gaudens Kanamugire told The Express News said that ASSAR is their association for private insurance aiming at improving their work.

She thanks Rwandan community in Diaspora to think on how to link efforts and how to share diaspora services.

“We know that there are many services Rwandan Community abroad needs like buying a house and requesting a bank loan, it will require having insurance when requesting for a bank balance for no matter amount you request,” she said, adding that fire and accidents could be also the reasons for having insurance.

She said that there are more services under progress that will help Rwandan communities in diaspora to find fast insurance on their aactivities.

Mobilization ahead

Kanamugire said that Rwandan communities in diaspora were not embarked on when giving insurance services.

“In fact when we thought on insurance services we did not used to think much on diaspora, but since we got a website demonstrating life of Rwandan community abroad, we started to value much the initiative of a Rwandan who came from abroad and bought a house in Rwanda, we valued it as a Rwandan House, we need to see the way to improve insurance services and be communicated to Rwandan community abroad. We need that information in a more elaborated manner and how to support them as people who come for one purpose,”

Kanamugire said that the insurance of properties of Rwandan community abroad should increase from 4 percent to higher level. He added that this will be done through easing information as the health insurance scheme was done and it helped to set up the national economy.

“when you compare over 70 percent of institutions’ income, they are given back to their clients and it helps in raising the national economy,”
In August 2019, it was planned for an insurance week in partnership with the central bank and the ministry of finance and economic planning as Kanamugire said.

Insurance services in Rwanda were promoted

“Kanamugire said that insurance services are at a good level unless they are not yet comparable to the European and American services, but, this is at a good level comparing to other African countries excluding South Africa and Magreb.

“The insurance measure is balanced from the way clients of insurance companies are assisted, that is where you can measure insurance services, but, the number of participants is the measure of participation,”

“The research shown that 98 percent of Rwandan properties have no insurance. The National institute for Statistics f Rwanda (NISR) shows that the entire Rwandan properties (GDP) had the value of over Rwf 8,000 billion last year in 2018.

Rwanda Insurance Company Associations (ASSAR) said that only 2 percent of these properties have insurance, and the rest (98%) can be destroyed by various disasters without any insurance.

The Express News


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