It is a good custom for Rwandans to always think about their mother country wherever they are, embarking on their history and share constructive ideas and any other support to rebuild their nation after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis.

In this regard, the community of Rwanda’s women in diaspora there in Germany are in a good position to contribute to their country’s development and resilience after having learnt on the tragic journey that Rwanda has passed through.

Rwanda’s women in Germany have so far started programmes to help their colleagues who live in needy situations in Rwanda by helping them build the resilience.

These include making them descent shelters and remember the holistic history that decimated a million of Tutsis in 1994 so that to sustain unity and reconciliation among the population of Rwanda.

Rwandan women in German visiting Gisozi Genocide memorial site. /photo Express news.

On March 17, 2018, Rwandans and their fellow friends celebrated the International Day of Women held in Mainz Town in Germany where they decided to go back to their mother country and support their colleagues who are still experiencing difficult lives.

On February 27, 2019, while visiting the Gisozi genocide memorial site, Hon. Edward Bamporiki explained them further on ‘Ndi Umunyarwanda’ programme and that they should contribute to their national development from wherever they are.

Bamporiki explained in deep the history of Rwanda that led to the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis and the fact that Rwandans embarked on the reconciliation and unity of Rwandans in the past where they used to handle social conflicts between themselves.

“Rwandans in diaspora should take note that in the past, a Rwandese used to go abroad to look for common interests of fellow Rwandese people as our ancestors defined; nobody could go beyond this, we always tell Rwandans to think about any developmental initiative to boost our country’s sustainability,” he said.

During this event, which was attend by MIGEPROF representative,urging Rwandan women in Diaspora to have a significant role in building a good future of Rwanda’s ladies.

Chairperson of Rwanda’s women in German Karigirwa Agnes and Chairman of National Itorero Commission Edward Bamporiki urged Rwandan women in German to embark on their national development.

Monique Musandera Kronenberger , one of these women living in Germany said that it was their own initiative to think on how to support women-colleagues who are in needy situation in Rwanda.

“We thought how to support our colleague-women we left in Rwanda, we need to embark on ‘Never Again initiative’, in fact, we have learnt a lot, it is our history, we are no longer believing in ethnicity because we are all Rwandans who share the common country, so, we have to help each other,” said Musandera.

Musandera, a Rwandan woman in German shared her views in helping each other.

After this journey of resilience and Unity, these women from Germany offered tailoring machines to a number of women in Gisozi Sector in Kicukiro District.

Athanasie Nyirawera from Niboye sector in Kicukiro district appreciated kind of support as the tailoring machines will help her improve on the livelihoods.

“This machine will help me change life,” she said, advising other women to join women associations to share constructive ideas in building sustainable and peaceful homes.

The machines given to Kicukiro women training center will help them build their future development.

Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana, Kicukiro District’s Mayor lauded the efforts of Rwandan women in German and pledged to make their support more fruitful.

Aimé Muyombano, in charge of Rwanda Community Abroad in the ministry of foreign affairs (MINAFFET) said that it is something possible that Rwandans can build their resilience through working together and supporting each other.

“We all know our history, those who still have negative mindsets should change after learning from these women from Diaspora,” Muyombano said.

Providence Tuyisabe, chairperson of Rwanda Community Abroad commended the efforts of Women-Rwandan community living in Germany to achieve such humanitarian activities by helping their colleagues in Rwanda to build their resilience.

Providence Tuyisabe, chairperson of Rwanda Community Abroad in Germany Photo /The Express News

Rwandan women in Germany contributed a total of Rwf 6 million to build a decent shelter for a needy woman called Providence Mukamugema in Nyabihu District worth Rwf 3million and home basic needs; plus, some tailoring machines dedicated to Kicukiro women training center with the value of Rwf 3million.
This initiative was achieved in partnership with Rwanda’s Embassy in Germany and Rwandans living in Germany.

For more Information, updates and useful links about the activities from Rwanda Community Abroad in Germany, please visit the link:

Providence Mukamugema and Kicukiro women training center was happy to get support.

Providence Mukamugema

(Photos The Express News)

Mike Urinzwenimana

The Express News


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