Investment opportunities are not only targeting residents, but also are open for Rwandan diaspora . In our current news, The Express News always tries the best to find more places in the country with quick development and encourages Rwandan community abroad to come and help to fast track the development of the country through investment.

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, the Mayor of Rwamagana District describes the district as multi-business investment place with various opportinities, citing Agribusiness, Hospitality and industries.

Rwamagana district is one of the 7 Eastern province’s Districts, having a big part of the town and is bordering Kicukiro and gasabo in Kigali, in northern province, it is bordering Muhazi lac that separates it from Gatsibo district.

Rwamagana District headquarter

The district has 14 sectors, 82 cells and 474 villages. It has 372,201 people among them a big number are farmers.
Business activities are making part of the districts’ development and its geographical location encourages investment as it is a neighbor to Kigali city.

“The district is between two lacs, Muhazi and Mugesera. People are encouraged to invest in hospitality around this lake. Mugesera Lake also in the southern part of the district also encourages investors to set up hospitality businesses. We have good transport facilities like roads,” he said.

Agricultural investment

“We have opportunities to practice agriculture in all seasons because we have lakes that motivates irrigation on hillsides. It does require much fertilizers as the soil is still virgin, hillside irrigation in the marshlands as well as on the hills because we have many marshlands and valley dumps that touch in many sectors and we have found that farmers do not depend on the climate change,” Mbonyumuvunyi said.


He said that the district has farms that are livestock friendly. “we are no longer growing cattle from outside, we grow from homes and everyone can practice animal farming here.

We have good farming produce like improved dairy projects.” He said.


“We believe having raw materials, cheap labor and market, industrial development is something possible. So, we have all of these elements in Rwamagana, we have youths, raw materials, water and electricity, agro-processing, we grow soya beans, maize, and we have good mining activities.” He said.

Some of modern house in Rwamagana district

He encourages Rwandans in Diaspora especially those from Rwamagana to come and invest in the district as it has reached the development that also motivates investment. “I may tell them to come quick and invest in the district, we cater for them, and we have social media and the district’s social media that help us to communicate with them. These channels helps to seek for information and advice,” Mbonyumuvunyi said.

He tells diaspora from Rwamagana to come and venture into different opportunities and pledges continuous support to facilitate whoever comes to start business there.

“I can encourage everyone, our citizens, those in diaspora that Rwanda has security, development, on behalf of Rwamagana District, we welcome everyone and we are ready to deliver possible support so that we all together build our district,” he noted.]

The Express News


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