General Security was proved to have been peaceful throughout the year 2017, according to the statistics from National Police whereby a decrease of 5.4 of crimes were recorded comparing to the previous year along with a decrease of 32 percent of the road accidents compared to the previous year of 2016.

The figures were given in remarks made by ACP Theos Badege ,the spokesperson of Rwanda National Police, commending every entity which partnered to ensure security throughout the year.
ACP Badege commended the general public and sister security institutions like Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), partners including local leaders, administrative security organ – DASSO – for their played part and partnership throughout the year, which further improved the homeland security.

The spokesperson said further that it went on with the festive season which was peaceful and that every entity generally complied with laws as for musical and entertainment show organizers to churches and road users.
Though the festive season was overall peaceful, two accidents that cost lives of people were recorded with one in Kigali resulting from drink-driving.
As for the general status of security throughout the year 2017.
Crimes have reduced by 5.4 percent i.e. 16800 in 2017 compared to the year 2016 where a total of 17600 crimes were reported.
The statistics goes on to show that fatal accidents on the roads also went down considerably by a total percentage of 32.
The figures resulting from the decrease of fatal road accidents are believed to have gone down thanks to introduction of speed governors in public transport buses.

The Express News


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