Rwanda Governance board launched NKUWIKORERA in Civil Society Organisation with the main target to urge the organasitions to take the lead in embracing quality service delivery at every level

Initiation of Nk’uwikorera program in civil service organisation is in target to urge Civil society organisations to have an active role and to be the stakeholders in improving culture of service delivery. Discussions were held, during the launch of Nk’uwikorera campaign in Civil Society organization, on the state of service delivery in CSOs, the Nk’uwikorera approach to Service Delivery and enhancing Rwandan culture& language.

General Secretary of RGB Edward Kalisa took his time to compliment civil society organisations which have already had embraced the “Nk’uwikorera” approach as they have already gone far in good service delivery and added RGB considers the sessions as a vital accountability mechanism that is worth improving and sustaining.
The chairman of Rwanda Civil Society Organisations, delivering his remarks in the launch, reiterated the role of civil society in good service delivery and also pledged partnership to Rwanda Government in ensuring quality service to the public.
“We should, as Civil Society be exemplary in good service delivery and be the partners of RGB in identifying unsatisfactory service. We pledge our collaboration with RGB in raising awareness about service delivery and the service we provide to other organisations”.

With RGB having been newly assigned with the mandate to monitor and assess service delivery in all government institutions and the private sector as well as developing good governance principles. Nkuwikorera campaign which is literally translated as” serve others as you would wish to be served” is also under RGB charge.
Nkuwikorera is intertwined with the commitment of Rwandan Government to enhance quality of service delivery as one of key priorities of the ambitious long -term program of transforming the country into middle income economy.
Nk’uwikorera campaign was launched at national level on March 30, 2017.
The objectives of this campaign are:

– To raise awareness of the general public on quality service delivery imperatives;
– To mobilize service beneficiaries to request for better services and denounce poor services;
– To remind service providers to provide quality services to citizens by providing service, as they would wish to be served themselves.

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