In their remarks, Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) says that, they were pleased by the occurrence of a peaceful election in Rwanda and also denounce international media for criticizing  negatively only one presidential candidate.

After releasing an announcement containing the whole electoral process, this Monday Rwanda Governance Board has organized a  press conference aiming at acknowledging how the  peaceful election was conducted and also this  was the opportunity to reveal that  financial budget used in this event was 100% provided by Rwandans.

Dr Usta Kayitesi  The Deputy Director of RGB , also the head of RGB observers during presidential election has pledged to make an appreciative report the  Rwanda National electoral commission (NEC) because, NEC manage to provide equal facilities to all presidential candidates who had tasks of walking around the whole country during rallies.

“We can see Rwanda is in a democratic way as other observers announced. I think, the  electoral campaigns were conducted legally and leaders who have hindered candidates to make campaigns were arrested.” Dr Kayitesi said.

RGB press release denounces some international media houses which used aggressive words to make negative criticisms to one presidential candidate “Kagame Paul”.

RGB observers are required to produce a report of what they saw not later than 60 days after election ,whereas African observers have already proclaimed that many countries of the world should refer to Rwandan presidential election because the event was characterized by safety and security.

The Express News Rwanda


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