Today is a day of celebration and a day to thank each of you. Today is a day of renewal and gratitude. I would therefore like to begin by thanking those who have joined us here.

“The presence of so many brothers & sisters from around Africa honours our nation deeply & gives us strength. We thank you. Africa has been with Rwanda when we needed you most.

“Nothing gives our people greater pride than contributing together with you to the greatness of our continent. Standing alongside us are friends of Rwanda who have always kept our country in their hearts & worked hard to advance it.

“I want to acknowledge the leaders and members of the 8 political parties who joined with RPFto nominate me as their candidate. For twenty-three years, we have collaborated with deep mutual respect to repair the social fabric of our devastated nation.

“I also congratulate the two other candidates who brought their message directly to citizens. Together, we created a positive environment where no vote was cast against anyone but rather all were cast for.

“If we always succeed in rallying so strongly around ideas and leadership that work best for all of us it would be a good thing.”

“ They demand we replace systems that are working well for us with dogmas in which their own people are rapidly losing faith. Africa has no civilizational problems, only assets. Sans aucun doute.

Over centuries of adversity, our civilisation sustained us. Today, it endows us with ambition, compassion and creativity. Africans are the biggest students of our own problems.”

The Express News


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