President Paul Kagame has called on Intore graduands to turn skills they learnt from school into innovative ideas that would make Rwanda export goods instead of importing them.

President Paul Kagame while speaking to 698 young Rwandans living in Rwanda and abroad who have completed the 12th Itorero Indangamirwa at Gabiro training center, said, Rwanda shouldn’t just be making bread but doing more.

“We have to aim higher. Cars, phones, electronics shouldn’t only be manufactured by others. Yet, we are capable of doing it. That’s why you go to school,” he said.

“We have all come hear driving ourselves. But do you sometimes ask yourself, why can’t we make our own cars? Instead of buying them from elsewhere, why don’t we make them and be the ones to export them?” Kagame said.

Thus, President Kagame cautioned in order for them to impact their societies and families they need to respect culture and customs as fountain source of all heritage.

He said that Itorero program is about raising the youth for the country. “We want a country founded on our values and on education. We want to transform our country, to be liberated from poverty and ignorance,” he said.

“Itorero is about raising our children and educating them in our culture. We want our country to be founded on our values. We want to value our culture, promote it and learn from it,” he added.

“You may go abroad, study and graduate but because you have no cultural values all of your knowledge and expertise end up being spoilt. Therefore, get assured that lack of moral values belittles your achievement and visions,” he told.

Itorero is a cultural school depicting the image of the old school tradition where Rwandans would learn language, patriotism, social relations, sports, dancing, songs and self defence.

It was created so that young people could grow with an understanding of their culture.

Participants are encouraged to discuss and explore Rwandan cultural values. The ancient tradition of Itorero also provided formative training for future leaders.

The Express News


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