Rwanda National Police (RNP) reached out to students from six schools and enlightened them on the meaning of human trafficking and tricks traffickers use to lure unsuspecting people, especially girls.

The schools are Group Scolaire (GS) Karungu in Gakenke District, GS Rugote in Rutsiro, GS Rusiga in Rulindo; GS Gatagara in Huye, GS Ndago in Burera; and College St André of Nyarugenge.

“Human trafficking is real; there are people who manipulate others especially the youth to take them and sell them as commodities where they are used in sexual acts, hard labour” Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie Gorette told students of College St. Andre

“Human trafficking is a hidden crime that is usually conducted by people who pretend to be well-wishers by try to manipulate unsuspecting people, especially girls not to reveal their plan to anyone,” she added.

She urged them to always report such people, who approach them promising the offers like jobs either within the country of abroad so that traffickers are identified and arrested.

“In such a situation when such approach you, you need to think twice, develop a security mind and ask yourselves questions like; how can a person I have not known before make all these big promise to me, and therefore, as a result take another step to share this information to ensure such people are arrested and investigated,” she added.

In Huye, CIP Rose Ndikumana share the same information and urged students of HVP Gatagara not to be blinded by such promises but to focus on their studies.

“Education is key to your success,” CIP Ndikumana said.

She echoed the same message that victims of human trafficking especially young girls, are normally used in commercial sex activities, taking their organs and other in forced labor and are (victims) always kept in places where they find it almost impossible to communicate to people back home, making it hard to ever go back home.

The Express News


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