There is a need to extend the Pan African Movement Rwanda Chapter (PAM-Rwanda) activities at the grassroots level as well as in Umudugudu to ensure all the citizens are mobilised towards values of the movement.

This was observed on Thursday by the Chairperson of PAM-Rwanda, Protais Musoni during a press conference on the forthcoming National Congress that will take place at the parliament premises on September 23rd, 2018.

Musoni expressed that since the launching of PAM-Rwanda in the last three years a lot have achieved including establishment of organs and making public the movement principles and values.

He however explained that they couldn’t open branches at the grassroots level but stressing that the objective ahead is to do so within the next three years.

“We are now operating in some cell administrative entities, we launched our activities in all sector entities. A day that our activities will reach the villages level that is when the movement values will be reaching people, We have to strive for this within the three years ahead, ” Musoni said

He also advised that embracing integration is the only way that will lead Africans to sustainable development.

The vice-Chairperson of PAM-Rwanda, Henriette Umulisa, noted that they are looking forward to mobilising all the school going towards values of the movement.

“We started with universities, we also launch our activities in some high schools but the objective is to take the movement values to our pupils from primary schools. Once this is done we will be sure that we prepare a Rwanda who strives for self dignity and who strive for the self-reliance,” she said

About 800 comrades including intellectuals, academicians, politicians, researchers and youth among others are expected to attend the Pan African Movement Rwanda – Chapter general assembly.

The main purpose was to re-ignite the Pan Africanist spirit based on a pragmatic unifying ideology. The PAM ideology should be accompanied by a culture of work and self-reliance. It should be a PAM that gives hope and a bright tangible future.

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