The Rwandan Chapter of the Pan African Movement (PAM-Rwanda) comrades, have been elected their national leaders who set to lead the movement for the next three years.

The exercise was done during the second National Congress of PAM Rwanda which took place at the Parliamentary Buildings on Sunday.

It saw Protais Musoni re-elected at the chairpersonship while Henriette Umulisa and Ismael Buchanan were elected as the Vice Chairpersons in charge of programmes and operations as well as finance and administration, respectively.

Particularly, Musoni and Umulisa have been serving in the same posts since the movement re-establishment in Rwanda in 2015.

The congress agreed that the governing committee will, however, vote for the commissioners during an exclusive meeting to be organised in the coming days.

The new committee will seek to advance the agenda of Pan-African Movement in Rwanda, which is to promote the virtues of unity, dignity, solidarity and the development of Rwandans and Africans, generally.

The executive committee will particularly work to promote the several programmes and initiatives that the organisation has set out to do in Rwanda for the next three years.

Under a three-year strategic plan, PAM Rwanda particularly wants to contribute to research on indigenous plants and advocate for the promotion of manufacturing of medicines; promote ‘consume what we produce campaign’ and promote ‘Ndi Umunyarwanda – Ndi Umunyafrica’ ideology.

Musoni had earlier highlighted that PAM Rwanda Chapter will carry out a campaign to encourage Rwandans to use nationally produced products and services.

“This would be done to help create more jobs, expand local investments, decrease negative trade balances, and reduce aid, among other things,” he said.

Bernard Makuza, the president of the Senate, officiated at the congress. He told participants that it is important to work towards the unity of Africans, but that it will require collective commitment.

“Building the unity of Africans requires us to understand why it is important to do so, and the collective commitment to realise this based on the examples of those who have been fighting for it,” he said.

“The Africa we want must avoid anything that might make it hard for Africans to thrive, and instead, we must aspire to grow our continent to be recognised at the global scale,” he added.

This year’s congress ran under the theme “Making the Pan-African Movement relevant to the people of Rwanda and Africa”, and it brought together government officials, Members of Parliament, youth and participants from other PAM chapters across Africa.

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