Since its inception in 2016, the AHF through its program of serving condoms near the population across the country, has got over 2/3 of distributed condoms used.

Since the initiation of the AHF program of bringing condoms near the population, figures show, according to AHF Rwanda, that over 2/3 of already distributed condoms have been already used, which means 1,547,120 of distributed condoms in 2016 and respectively 1,431,366 in 2017 as well as 162, 720 of overall condoms already distributed in 2018.

Social Affairs officer in Tumba Sector of Huye District , Christine Niwemugeni, during the official unveiling of a new kiosk for distribution of condoms said that availability of a site kiosk where it is possible and easy for people to get a free condom shall be beneficial to the residents of Huye district and shall more to the point help reduce the spread of HIV AIDS in the city of Huye. The officials commend that residents are turning up for collection in great number and are optimistic that for the program to prove to be productive in the near future.
Making the kiosk available and near the residents shall ease the task for some who would find it hard to get condoms from the nearest shops, according to The Express News interviewee .

Dr. Brenda Asiimwe KATEERA, AHF Rwanda Country Program Director, informed that the program of bringing condoms near the population started from the City of Kigali where in each district was placed a Kiosk whereby people can easily reach and collect condoms for use. Such kiosks are currently open in different districts such as Rubavu and Huye with other district across the country the next destination.

The Express News


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