As you get inside Gilbert NKUSI’s premises in Rusiga sector, Rulindo District in Northern Province of Rwanda, you are able to have a look at Nyabarongo valleys, Buzinganjwiri hills, Mbirima and Matovu suburbs where the former Queen Murorunkwere lived. You are also placed in a good environment to see Bumbogo and Ruli’s fresh air as you take your cup of tea.

Rusiga Hotel Highland Resorts is also a good place one enjoys the wide view of the volcanoes. It is the 360th view and is in 23km from Kigali, capital of Rwanda on the road to the volcano park and in 100 meters from Rusiga Sector.

“I am from Canada Diaspora and I will soon complete a year in Rwanda. I had a vison to come and support my wife and children to boost this business that looks on promoting Tourism as well as Agribusiness.

Its only three months when the hotel started operating. Nkusi appreciates that the local government in Rulindo District help them to market the hotel.

“Since they started helping us we are having a significant progress,” he said.

Nkusi went to Canada to seek for a place where his family can live as he had other assignments outside Rwanda. “I worked in the United Nations and in other countries in which I could not take my family, then we decided to go to Canada. We immigrated in 2001 and I passed three years in Madagascar and 4 years in Tchadi, later in Cameroun where I spent two years. I later returned to work in Canada. Since 2001 now we lived abroad for 18 years.” He said.

He appreciates the facilities and good infrastructures the country has put in place to help investors work. “we have many banks, peace and security. He encourages Rwandan community abroad to come and work to fast track development of the country.

He helps citizens to get farms, seeds and fertilizers so that they bring the crop to the hotel. “Now it is time to make projects in Rwanda.” He said.

“We have VIP rooms for staying, medium rooms and their prices per night range from Rwf 25,000Rwf, 30,000 to Rwf40,000. We also have a coffee shop that serves coffee and tea, soft drinks and beer, a good barbecue, pizzeria, and a conference room that hosts around 200 people. We have so far hosted over three conferences since we started our activities.” Nkusi said.

The hotel has coffee, beans and Irish potato farms, we have a big banana plantation, we grow cows, sheep, and rabbits.

It also has a camping site and tents for people who want to pass a time there. The hotel’s garden is very green and clean.

He concluded by recalling Rwandan community in diaspora to get information and opportunities in Rwanda. “I can tell them to come and see how Rwanda is making progresses. I can tell old people to come in Rwanda and prepare their tomorrow while in the mother country.”

The Express News


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