Rwandans who graduated from China expect to be employed by Local Chinese enterprises through an informed networking dubbed ‘job fair’ event.

Through a one-day job fair event that took place in Kigali on October 25, 2019 gathering together Chinese investors in Rwanda and Rwandans who graduated from China, the graduates gained a good moment to interact with their future employers and told the express news that there is a great hope to get employed,

Aimable Ishimwe has graduated in china in Jancson university of science and technology. He said the meeting is very crucial as graduates from China meet easily with companies that can employ them.

Aimable Ishimwe who graduated in china

“It will help to raise Rwandan economy as Chinese investors will contribute to reducing unemployment and in terms of tax revenue. It can be helpful to have this meeting annually. It can help graduates to find a platform of employment and employers to get workers,” Ishimwe said.

Ritha Uwase, graduated in International Trade and Economics since 2015-2019 in China. She said the Job fair will help graduates from china to get jobs and to expand relationship with Chinese companies working in Rwanda.

Ritha Uwase graduated in China

“Chinese companies need Rwandans who graduated from their country to help them advance their activities in Rwanda, this job fair will enable our country to foster its economic development; and on myside, I expect to get further knowledge in terms of business creation as a graduate from International Trade and Economics.

The job fair event was organized by Chinese Embassy in Rwanda and Rwanda China Alumni Organization (RCAO) in partnership with Chinese Enterprises Organization with the aim to increase partnership between Rwandans and the Chinese Community and to foster technology transfer to develop the two countries.
Rwanda-China Alumni Organization is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political Organization founded by former graduates from China. The Organization is headquartered in Kigali-Rwanda and its members are all those who graduated from China and those who attended training from Chinese Institutions at least for three months.

In August 2019, about 200 Rwandan scholars flied to China to pursue their studies on different scholarships. The students went to pursue different disciplines like medicine, civil engineering, and education on different levels from Bachelor’s to PhD.
Not only studies in China, Chinese institutions also provide Rwandan youth with training opportunities in line with boosting the relationship between two countries.
Rwanda has been named as one of the nine countries in Africa where China will establish a Luban Workshop to provide quality vocational training to local people, especially the youth.
Luban workshops are centres that offer certified skilled talents and are dedicated to cultivating students’ professionalism, and comprehensive practical ability and creativity.

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