The Chairman of National Electoral Commission (NEC), Prof Kalisa Mbanda has requested political parties to play active a role in enabling smoother parliamentary electoral process this September.

Mbanda was speaking Thursday in Kigali in a meeting with the Forum of Political Parties in Rwanda.

The meeting was aimed at discussing the preparatory process of parliamentary elections.

He said that for the elections to run smoothly, NEC should work with different institutions including political parties as major stakeholders.

“Political parties are vital partners in elections. They are the ones providing candidates for Parliamentary elections and their representatives’ ideas contribute to the establishment of national laws,” he said.

Speaking to the media, Mbanda said that meeting political parties’ representatives is in line with the preparatory process.

“We request them to contribute towards civic education by mobilising their members,” he said.

The Spokesperson of Political Party Forum, Elisabeth Mukamana said that they are ready to contribute by encouraging people to participate in elections.

Mukamana is optimistic that the elections will be smoothly conducted.

Recently, NEC announced that they received six Private Candidates seeking documents allowing them to collect signatures supporting their candidacies.

The Express News


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