Members of anti-kanyanga clubs in Gicumbi District have been urged to strengthen their efforts in identifying and reporting dealers, and routes used.

The call was made by the mayor of Gicumbi Juvenal Mudaheranwa during a meeting with over 170 members of anti-kanyanga clubs held in Kaniga Sector on May 1.

The meeting was also attended by the vice mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Charlotte Benihirwe, the District Police Commander of Gicumbi Supt. Gaston Karagire as well as other security organs and executive secretaries of the sectors of Rushaki, Kaniga and Mukarange.

The three sectors that lies on the borderline are mapped as major trafficking routes especially by those dealing in illicit gins like kanyanga and others packed in banned plastic bags.

Mayor Mudaheranwa emphasised on the challenges narcotic drugs pose to security and development, and urged members of anti-kanyanga clubs to partner with security organs to break chains of supply.

“Your voluntary work against kanyanga has led to the arrest of many traffickers,” the mayor said, commending the youth volunteers in the fight against illicit gin.

“We need to build on that and create a strong bond that ensures that those involved find to room or route to traffic their narcotic drugs like kanyanga,” the mayor said.

He also hinted on the issue of unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancy in particular.

The meeting resolved to strengthen partnership against narcotic drugs and teenage pregnancy through awareness, real time information sharing and continuous operations.

The Express News


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