The ministry of Health has banned the importation, sale and consumption of LACTALIS baby mik products in Rwanda, after a recent reports of existing Lalmonella Agona bacteria which might result in further diseases to the consumer.

The decision was made following the statement by LACTALIS recalling infant milk and calling to halt the sale and consumption of the milk in December of Last after research found the existence salmonella Agona bacteria in the milk.
The ministry of health decision ,to ban the importation, sale and consumption of LACTALIS products was made with reference to the research findings, of INFOSAN and research conduct by Rwanda Standard Board with collaboration with the National Police, which identified the products to be harmful to life.
Among products outlined by the Ministry of health to potentially hold the bacteria are Celia Expert 1, 400g; Celia Expert 2, 400g; Celia Expert 3, 400g; Celia AR 400g; Celia Digest 400g; Celia Mama 400g; Celia PRE 400g; Céréales CERELINE FRUIT 200g; Céréales CERELINE Multicéréales 200g na PICOT.
Consumers are advised to cease, the same case for sellers and retailers and hence no importation is allowed according to the decision by the ministry of health. Consumers who might have purchased such products before, are advised to return them to retailing seller or to the Rwanda Standard Board and anyone who might face symptoms such diarrhea vomiting, high fever or stomach cramp after consumption of the products is advised to consult the doctor for possible treatment.
Lactalis industry is amongst world biggest producers of dairy products, which mostly bears brand names of Milumel, Picot and Celli. Over 7000 tones of already sold packets of Lactalis milk from February 2017 were recalled to the industry after research findings identified the products to be contaminated.
Lactaris Agona is a very dangerous bacteria from farm animals intestines as it is likely to cause high risk of dehydration from very young to elderly aged people.

The Express News


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