The Minister of Justice, Johnstone Busingye has challenged all players in the Justice sector to work in synergy to avoid overlap of activities.

This, the minister said, will improve the quality of Justice and further strengthen the rule of law.

He was speaking on Monday at the official launch of the Justice Week at the Ministry of Justice.

Minster Busingye described the Justice sector week as an occasion to show case an array of services provided by different actors and to show good progress made so far compared to the past.

He called upon all players to promote ‘positive’ collaboration among all actors.

“Increase collaboration and share information and data among yourselves in order to avoid doing the same things which may deplete your capacities,” Minister Busingye said.

At least 13 per cent of Rwandans find legal and judicial services provided unsatisfactory, according to the 2017 research by Rwanda Legal Aid Forum, which sought to gauge citizens’ perception of justice and legal services in the country.

The Minister invited civil society and non-governmental organizations inclined to provision of legal services to improve activities related to conflict resolution so as to prohibit their escalation to court levels.

He asked them to stand-up against new and emerging crimes in the community citing human and drug trafficking as some of the crimes with worrying trends.

During the week-long campaign, Justice sector actors will go to all districts and higher institutions of learning to further raise awareness against new and emerging crimes in the country.

The Justice sector week commenced with an exhibition at the Ministry of Justice premises where participants unveiled a number of legal services provided by both state and non-state actors across the country as well as capacities and capabilities.

Participants included 36 exhibitors including the Ministry of Justice, Rwanda National Police (RNP), Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS), Office of Ombudsman and National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA) as well as civil society and non-government organizations.

The event was also attended by the Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Col Jeannot Ruhunga, Deputy Inpector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizimunda and Prosecutor General, Jean Bosco Mutangana.

Speaking at the same occasion, DIGP Marizamunda reiterated that RNP will continue to improve its services to the citizenry in its mandate of protecting, preventing and detecting crimes.

Col. Ruhunga said that RIB last year recorded 49 cases of human trafficking and so far 20 victims have been rescued.

At the exhibition, RNP showcased all services provided by the force. It exhibited its equipment and readiness against fire and other disasters, traffic and road safety, drug detection (canine) among others.

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